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Employee Value Proposition

CBA’s Employee Value Proposition
CBA (Kenyan bank) tasked us with creating an identity for their EVP program, one that would stand out in their corporate offices. So we got to thinking, we’re often told about choosing a career based on what you love doing, which sparked the idea of the inherent intention between doing what you love and love what you’re doing. Essentially, love what you do is leading with your heart, and do what you love is leading with your mind. Based on these insights we decided to bring the heart and mind, and the relationship between these two to life. Under the pretence that offices are seen as unimaginative, similar to the monotony of the office, paper as a medium is often seen as boring, with a negative association to admin, specifically within the banking industry. But when one applies a bit of heart and mind, paper can be so much more than just a simple tool to get the job done. Each pillar of the identity was scamped, crafted by hand, photographed and edited to bring EVP alive within the workplace.

Art Direction + Crafts: Lauren Mitchell
Set Design + Photography: Lauren Mitchell
Copywriters: Michelle Hollinger
Creative Director: Greg Harrison

Client Service: Akona Ndungane
Agency: Halo 


CBA (Kenyan bank) 2017